I visited Tulum this last month to pick up blueprints and permits and had the always lovely, Gina Contreras as travel partner. This most recent trip had everything. Frustration, tears, laughter, anger and resolution. The best part was sharing the area with Gina. She had never been here before and it was a real pleasure to have her along. She kept me from freaking out when things went sideways and it was nice to be able to repay her by showing her the beauty here.

We did a little research, as I always end up doing here. It’s so inspiring to see how everyone uses the available materials to make things work.

I found a great nursery in town and saw a few construction details that I will want to implement in our outdoor space.

We ended by staying at the beach with my friend Moni at her hotel, Chan Cabiñitas for the last two nights. Richard and I usually stay in town but I wanted to sort of celebrate a successful trip. It was breathtaking, as usual. Thank you Tulum for another special memory.



We were able to host a group of friends and Casa Urraca participants this past month. It was so great to show everyone the property and share the area with such a great group of people. They came to understand why we love it so much in the Yucatan and we look forward to breaking ground on our project so we can share it with everyone..